The Callaway Golf Company

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Callaway Golf is a California-based company that constructs and manufactures golf accessories, golf equipment, and other related products. They market and sell their goods in over 70 countries across the globe, making them the largest golf club maker in the world.

Golf-ClubsThe company trades its goods through various sporting goods and golf retailers, as well as through online shops, mass merchants, and trade-in and pre-owned services. It licenses its brand name, service marks and trademarks for golf related products such as golf shoes, golf apparel, golf bags, watches, headwear, practice aids, travel gear, and rangefinders. The company also markets products under Strata, Ben Hogan, and Odyssey brands.

The Company’s History

Callaway Golf was established by Ely Callaway Jr., former president of the textile company Burlington Industries. He grew up in Lagrange, Georgia and was an Emory University graduate. Callaway ventured in the textile business and became successful, but his fondness of golf was unswerving. At games, he would use golf clubs, which were made of steel-cored hickory shafts, created by the Hickory Sticks. During those days, the owners of the Hickory Sticks were Tony Manzoni, Dick Dela Cruz and Richard Parente. They sought investors and came up to Callaway when Hickory Sticks began to run low on finances. At that time, Callaway had just earned $9 million from selling his vineyards then purchased half of the Hickory Sticks in 1982. Shortly, the company’s name was changed to Callaway Hickory Sticks USA.

Callaway bought out the remaining half of the company in 1984 and eventually became the president. The company was relocated to Carlsbad, CA where he would sell golf clubs via his car. In 1988, he changed the company’s name to Callaway Golf, by which we know it today.

In 1985, Callaway hired head of sales Bruce Parker, who then became the Chief Merchant. Through Parker’s tenure with the company as head of sales, Callaway’s sales grew dramatically. The following year, Richard Helmstetter, who was a designer of billiard cues, joined the company as a consultant. He subsequently became the chief designer of golf clubs and developed computer-operated manufacturing machines in the market. With the assistance of Helmstetter and the master toolmaker Glenn Schmidt, the company successfully developed the Big Bertha using a 190cc steel club head. Big Bertha eventually expanded to 290cc in 1997.

In February 1992, the company went public, with a $250-million market capitalization, on the New York Stock Exchange. Towards the end of the year 1997, their market capitalization reached over $3 billion.


The company’s engineers, who were recruited from Boeing and Dupont, employed aerodynamic computer software to evaluate over 300 dimple designs and over 1,000 variants of boundary layers, cover materials and ball cores to produce the Rule 35 golf ball. Callaway Golf engineers constructed only 2 models of Rule 35, in an attempt to create a full-performance golf ball instead of separate balls designed for distance, durability, spin, and control. Callaway officially introduced the Rule 35 balls (models Red and Blue) in 2000. Each ball from the Rule 35 series has an exceptional synergy of all the essential properties—feel, spin, control, durability, and distance. This eliminates guesswork and confusion in determining the right golf ball for each player.

Ely Callaway quitted his positions in 1996 and Donald Dye took over as the company’s CEO and President. Callaway returned 2 years after and reassumed his positions but passed away in 2001 due to cancer. Ron Drapeau assumed his positions from that point.

In 1997, Callaway acquired Odyssey Sports, which expanded the company’s putter line. This event eventually led to the advent of the Odyssey White Hot line of putters in 2000.
In November, 2004, Patrice Hutin resigned as President and COO, and William Baker assumed his positions.

Presently, Callaway has exclusive endorsement contracts with several professional golfers and continues to be one of the leading golf companies worldwide. The company also has commercial affiliations with celebrities and sports legends, including Justin Timber lake, Annika Sorenstam, and Arnold Palmer.

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