How to Sew on a Patch to a Shirt or Jacket

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So, you’ve already got your own customized embroidered patches. Congratulations! Now is the time to attach them to a shirt, blouse or jacket. Don’t know how to sew them on to clothes? No worries! We’ve got it covered here. In this short article, we will explain how to attach a sew-on embroidered patch to a shirt, blouse or jacket.

Patch on Clothes –

PatchesPatches are artistic expressions created to adorn fabric clothes and accessories. A small cloth portion is cut and embroidered with various designs to create a little patch. We commonly see these colorful cloth pieces on people’s uniforms and children’s school gear. However, a customized patch can also be created for casual wear and street wear. A patch can be sewn onto denims jeans, shirts, jackets, hoodies, caps, and hankies to add some life and individuality to it.

Any kind of design can easily be translated into a beautiful patch. Name it- hearts, peace signs, statements, rainbows, unicorns- whatever it is that anyone fancies can be made into a unique patch design.

Afraid of Sewing? Worry Not –

A person doesn’t need to be a needle expert in order to sew on a patch to clothes. Simple and basic techniques on hand-sewing can do the trick. When done properly, anybody can sew on a patch to their favorite piece of shirt or clothing instantly and fuss-free. It’s really simple, just a few running stitches away and we’ll get instantly amped-up garments!

Prepare the Materials for Sewing –

Are we now ready for some patch-sewing? Then bring out the materials that we will need. Prepare the shirt or jacket, the finished customized patch, a sewing needle, thread that’s similar to the color of the patch or shirt, a few safety pins, and scissors.

Decide Where to Place the Patch –

Envision where the patch should be sewn. Will the patch be sewn on the pockets of the jacket? Do we sew it in the middle of the shirt? Are we going to sew multiple ones across or downward the garment? Let the imagination and creativity work now. Once we’re happy with the design and placement, use the safety pins to temporarily attach the patch to its desired places.

Start Sewing –

Thread the needle and make sure that the thread’s color is the same with the patch or the shirt for a clean look. We may also opt to use complementary colors for the thread; again, let our creative juices flow here. Be sure that the thread is strong enough to hold the patch in place.

After threading the needle, tie a small but sturdy knot on the end of the thread. Then, take the shirt and hold the patched area. Poke the needle in one corner of the patch on the wrong side. Then, pull the thread and needle until none is left on the wrong side.

Patch-on-ClothesThe thread and needle should now be on the patch design side. Poke the needle once more about 3 millimeters away from the first stitch. Continue this running stitch all throughout the side edges of the patch. Space the stitches evenly and remember to use ample tightness to keep the patch attached to the garment properly.

Once all the edges have been sewn, poke the needle onto the last edge on the patch design side until it passes through the wrong side. When the needle and thread is already on the wrong side, tie a strong knot near the patch and cut off the excess thread. Remove the safety pin from the patch and voila! We’re done!

Not up for a Sewing Challenge? Try Iron on Instead –

Some people still find sewing to be hard, so for them, a nice alternative is the iron-on patch. These are embroidered patches with adhesive iron-on backing that can be applied to fabrics using the heat from an iron. They’re also as sturdy as their sew-on counterparts are.

Where to Get Them?

Spice up any outfit with a customized patch made by Patches4Less. Their easy ordering system, affordable prices and beautiful finished patches will surely make any shirt or jacket head-turning and fun.