Helpful Tips to Boost Your Skills as an Article Writer

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Your decision to venture into online writing is not without merit. Nowadays, you can earn a decent income from gigs as an article writer. But how will you stand out from others who have the same idea in mind?

Writing for the World Wide Web can be a bit tricky and requires a certain skillset. To keep working, you need to stay at the top of your game. Hence, honing your skills is a must lest you lose out to other writers.

Essential Qualities of Article Writers

  • You enjoy the written word. If you have a true passion for writing, it will extend to what you write. It adds a certain flair that readers enjoy and appreciate. Being passionate about writing also comes in handy when you need to write five more articles after finishing five already.
  • bordYou should have discipline. Like any job, you need to be responsible and prompt with your submissions. If you lack the discipline to see through a project then you will easily lose a profitable contract. Timely delivery of your deliverables ensures continued work and if you are lucky, your promptness will lead to more work.
  • You need to be a professional. Even if you work as an article writer on a part-time basis, adapting a professional attitude is still needed. This mindset will also help set you apart from others in this field. Thinking of yourself as a professional writer means that you value what you put out. As a result, you are not satisfied with just submitting a mediocre assignment. You take the time to proofread and edit what you did to make sure it passes your strict quality control.
  • You must be open to feedback. Even with an arsenal of vocabulary and knowledge of language rules, it is sometimes no guarantee of flawless work. Even the most conscientious article writer can make a mistake on occasion as you are not perfect. A true writer is open to feedback and will take into account criticism that is intended to improve their writing.

How Article Writers can Find Work

Relevant and up-to-date content is the lifeblood for websites. Hence, opportunities to work as an article writer are plentiful since many websites require a continuous update of their content.

To secure work, it is important to set up an online profile that you will use to market your skills. In addition to your current resume, you will need to provide writing samples for potential employers to check out.

 For newbies who do not have samples of their work, getting hired may be difficult though it is not impossible. In some cases, employers who do not have a large budget for outsourcing writing jobs look to first-time writers.

If you are a new writer, expect to write a sample article which the employer will use to assess your skills.

Networking is another way to find jobs as an article writer. With persistence and good connections, you can get in touch with the right people who need the service you provide. Touching base with people you know with can also lead to valuable referrals that turn to writing contracts.

Article directories often get the bad rap as a repository for poor content. But it can be a good practice ground for article writers to publish their works for free. Every so often, employers look to article directories in order to find potential writers they can hire.

When posting to articles directories, make sure to include your profile and contact information. In this way, interested employers can get in touch with you directly to inquire about your service.

If you receive inquiries and eventually settle on a contract, take care to extend the same professional regard to everyone. Your professionalism and exceptional quality of work may lead to more article writer jobs in the future.