Choosing To Rent A Portable Storage Container Instead Of Buying One

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The concept of renting is expanding to more and more facets of life,You can easily rent a home or a car these days, some people rent movies, others do books, and there are those who rent storage containers. Considering how the economy is falling bit by bit, not having to pay full price, especially for something that will only be utilized for a limited amount of time, provides the utmost convenience to those with limited budgets.

Portable-Storage-ContainerWhen it comes to real estate projects, these are rapidly increasing with more and more developments being completed in a short amount of time. A popular type of development these days is the vertical one especially because of the decreasing land area that people can work with. The problem with this kind of development is that it provides people with access to even smaller spaces which lead to issues when it comes to storage.

Although a vertical development project is cheaper to invest in –

The problem with storage continues to linger and this is why the portable storage container is becoming more and more popular. Basically, this is an external storage solution where a person rents out a unit that is kept in a nearby storage facility. The renter can now access his unit at any time because most of these facilities are open twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Visit to know more about portable storage container.

Not only is this an excellent mode of storage but it is also a movable one. This means that a container can be shipped to and from different locations as the renter pleases but this comes with a certain fee of course but with the help of storage facilities and their additional services, customers simply have to provide an address and the company takes care of all necessary logistics.

Back in the day, the portable storage container had one purpose and that is to bring different products to and from varying locations. The primary method of delivery back then was by rail. These days, the delivery element is still its primary component but more shipping methods are available including land via trucks, air via freight, and sea via cargo ships. Apart from transporting goods, these containers can now service personal storage needs, again with the help of external storage facilities that provide an area for safe storage and round-the-clock security measures.

Different kinds of containers in this sense can be rented today

storage containerThe appeal that comes with renting is the controlled cost that works for those armed with limited budgets. The same applies to those who only need the storage space for a short or temporary duration. When it comes to the storage facilities that offer rentable options for the portable storage container, different dimensions can be chosen from. Basically, the larger the unit is, the higher the rent will be, plain and simple. These can either be packed by the renter or packed by the staff members of the facility depending on what the customer prefers. The items can be brought to the facility or the customer can have them picked up from his residence or office.

Depending on the items to be stored, the renter can choose a specialized container, one with temperature controls if needed. There are controls for humidity and general temperature settings that will ensure the client of his belongings’ safe and reliable upkeep. Again, the type of container rented, the special features that these come with, and the dimensions dictate how much the rent for the portable storage container will be. In this case, it can be arranged to be computed on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

At, we provide portable storage container on rent, for more information you can contact to us and visit our website.

PCB Fabrication Simplified

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Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) are thin plates of electronic components designed to transfer information within self-contained modules as well as communicate with external devices. The Printed Circuit Board was invented and applied in 1936 by Austrian Engineer Paul Esler as part of a radio set. Today, most circuits used in electronic appliances, machines, computers, and mobile phones are made up of PCBs.

PCBIndustrial PCB fabrication consists of many steps which follow the strict protocols set by the IPC in relation to assembly, design, and quality control. These protocols set the standard for each manufacturing company, big or small, all around the globe to ensure that the customers will never get a defective product.

After the design process has been accomplished, data is brought inside an isolated fabrication facility with a controlled environment, preventing the raw material from getting damaged. In here, multiple steps are followed in accordance to the standards of the IPC.


PCB fabrication starts using the data generated through Computer-Aided Design (CAD) which is read by Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software. The CAM processes the raw data from the CAD and after verification and adjustment, the CAM generates data that will later be used by the different machines in the manufacturing process.

Copper Patterning

Copper sheets are patterned with protective layers through the fabricator’s CAM system using different methods such as silkscreen, photoengraving, and milling depending on the manufacturer. These patterns will protect the parts of the copper that will be kept during the etching process.

Copper Reduction

The patterned copper board is bathed in a chemical solution of either Ferric Chloride (FeCl) or a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Hydrochloric Acid (HCL). This removes the excess copper and leaves only the desired pattern. Once reduced, layers of fiberglass are added and afterwards, plated in copper. For multiplayer PCB fabrication, the above processes are repeated until the required number of layers is reached.


The plated boards are sent to be cleaned, dried, and drilled with computer-controlled machinery. Vias, or smaller holes that are used to connect board layers are plated during the drilling process. Vias are used to electronically join the layers of copper where the hole passes through. Further cleaning is done to remove any unnecessary dust that may cause the boards to short-circuit when electric charges are applied to them.


Solder masks are applied to the holes in order to protect the copper from natural oxidation and to prevent solders from sticking. On the other hand, solder pads and connections are intentionally left unmasked to allow for an easier time soldering in gold over nickel or tin, achieving conduction along with protection for the underlying copper.


As per the ICP standards for PCB fabrication, a legend is printed on one or both sides of the PCB. It contains the test points, component designators, switch settings, and other vital information helpful in assembling, servicing, and testing the circuit board.

Bare-board Testing

Unpopulated boards, or boards without any components yet such as resistors, capacitors, or inductors, are subjected to a series of tests in order to ensure their quality and functionality. These tests include (1) visual inspection guided by the published guidelines of JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (formerly Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council), (2) analog signature analysis, (3) in-circuit tests where empirical data such as resistance, voltage, and other basic quantities are measured, and (4) functionality tests to see if the PCB could do what it was designed to do.

Packaging and Protection

The accomplished boards are coated with conformal coating to prevent corrosion, current leakage, or electric shorts due to condensation. A more commonly used technique for protection is sputtering the board in a soft plastic bag inside a vacuum chamber. PCBs are sensitive to static electricity and therefore, are sealed inside antistatic bags during transportation.

Those are the key steps of fabrication. While those may still seem complicated, it’s safe to say that many companies have mastered the art of manufacturing PCBs.

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Why Choose in Finding Highly Collectible Coins Online

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Surprisingly, collectible challenge coins are now becoming more popular to both civilian and military memorabilia enthusiasts. Whether people are selling, trading or buying military coins as a hobby, it’s still an interesting stuff for many individuals around the world. And if you’re one of these people, can provide you with premium coins you exactly want to add in your current collection.

You can find collector’s associations, forums, and groups on the web if you want to explore current topics about collectible challenge coins. In fact, most savvy collectors nowadays keep themselves up to date with the latest news and updates regarding the modern coin designs offered in the market. Most of the coins provided to collectors are indeed worth collecting and of high value. These coins are inspired by military officials who valiantly fought during the American war.challengecoins

It all started as a tradition in the military units so that members can boost their morale, price, and unity with their co-members and officials. So today, custom military coins are popular among government units such as fire departments and symphony orchestras. In addition to that, businesses are now also taking advantage of the significance of medallions in recognizing the outstanding performance of their employees. That way, a healthier community is being built in various industries despite the competition in the global marketplace. You can conveniently place an order online at if you want to get custom coins for your brand.

Through the use of elegantly designed coins motorcycle clubs, sports teams, fraternities, and other institutions benefit from this symbolic pride and membership identification. But to be able to find and collect such coins nowadays will need you to become more vigilant and updated with the latest resources available on the internet. With more companies and websites offering custom military coins to both collectors and typical buyers, everyone can easily get what they need for more affordable rates by visiting today.

Another way to obtain collectible coins is through online auctions:

This will give you more valuable coins that may come from high officials who served the military during the time. However, you need to exactly know your goal in collecting such items. You may find valuable coins in the market, but why do you really do this? Because there are lots of reasons why coin collectors do whatever it takes to enrich their collections at home.

Always take note that not all coins offered by companies worldwide have authentic value. Some are mass produced by copying the design of antique military coins just to make money. But with, you are guaranteed to get the exact coin you want. Whether you are looking for original coins or custom designs, this is the perfect place you to visit. With years of industry experience, rest assured that your unique requirements are met in a timely fashion. You can also take advantage of competitive prices like no other.

With many reliable online databases wherein you can source out high quality challenge coins, it’s now easier to select the best manufacturer that can satisfy your needs. All you have to do is know what you exactly want and shop around. After obtaining online quotes, you can compare the prices offered by various sites and choose the best one. This will also clear up confusions that other collectors and buyers may have. By having a comprehensive database where custom coins are offered, you can get the ultimate value of your money.

For those who want to get complete services for coin manufacturing, this site is the right choice:

You can easily start your collectible coin hunting online with the help of expert coin designers and producers. But if you want to place an order with special requests, you can send the exact details you want to include in your coin design. This is actually a common demand among customers in order to achieve their specific needs. With plethora of challenge coin manufacturers across the globe, it can be more enjoying to collect items based on what you want.

Whether enameled, embossed, or engraved coins, you can quickly find what you are looking for on the internet. If you’re unsure where to look though, you might want to simply head on to Challenge Coins 4 Less’ website. Surely by now you that that this particular coin maker is among the best in the industry, with their affordable rates, flexibility, and convenience. There’s no need to worry about disappointment – many have already realized that firsthand., is one of the best challenge coins provider. We offer custom challenge coins with affordable price and various designs.

How to Sew on a Patch to a Shirt or Jacket

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So, you’ve already got your own customized embroidered patches. Congratulations! Now is the time to attach them to a shirt, blouse or jacket. Don’t know how to sew them on to clothes? No worries! We’ve got it covered here. In this short article, we will explain how to attach a sew-on embroidered patch to a shirt, blouse or jacket.

Patch on Clothes –

PatchesPatches are artistic expressions created to adorn fabric clothes and accessories. A small cloth portion is cut and embroidered with various designs to create a little patch. We commonly see these colorful cloth pieces on people’s uniforms and children’s school gear. However, a customized patch can also be created for casual wear and street wear. A patch can be sewn onto denims jeans, shirts, jackets, hoodies, caps, and hankies to add some life and individuality to it.

Any kind of design can easily be translated into a beautiful patch. Name it- hearts, peace signs, statements, rainbows, unicorns- whatever it is that anyone fancies can be made into a unique patch design.

Afraid of Sewing? Worry Not –

A person doesn’t need to be a needle expert in order to sew on a patch to clothes. Simple and basic techniques on hand-sewing can do the trick. When done properly, anybody can sew on a patch to their favorite piece of shirt or clothing instantly and fuss-free. It’s really simple, just a few running stitches away and we’ll get instantly amped-up garments!

Prepare the Materials for Sewing –

Are we now ready for some patch-sewing? Then bring out the materials that we will need. Prepare the shirt or jacket, the finished customized patch, a sewing needle, thread that’s similar to the color of the patch or shirt, a few safety pins, and scissors.

Decide Where to Place the Patch –

Envision where the patch should be sewn. Will the patch be sewn on the pockets of the jacket? Do we sew it in the middle of the shirt? Are we going to sew multiple ones across or downward the garment? Let the imagination and creativity work now. Once we’re happy with the design and placement, use the safety pins to temporarily attach the patch to its desired places.

Start Sewing –

Thread the needle and make sure that the thread’s color is the same with the patch or the shirt for a clean look. We may also opt to use complementary colors for the thread; again, let our creative juices flow here. Be sure that the thread is strong enough to hold the patch in place.

After threading the needle, tie a small but sturdy knot on the end of the thread. Then, take the shirt and hold the patched area. Poke the needle in one corner of the patch on the wrong side. Then, pull the thread and needle until none is left on the wrong side.

Patch-on-ClothesThe thread and needle should now be on the patch design side. Poke the needle once more about 3 millimeters away from the first stitch. Continue this running stitch all throughout the side edges of the patch. Space the stitches evenly and remember to use ample tightness to keep the patch attached to the garment properly.

Once all the edges have been sewn, poke the needle onto the last edge on the patch design side until it passes through the wrong side. When the needle and thread is already on the wrong side, tie a strong knot near the patch and cut off the excess thread. Remove the safety pin from the patch and voila! We’re done!

Not up for a Sewing Challenge? Try Iron on Instead –

Some people still find sewing to be hard, so for them, a nice alternative is the iron-on patch. These are embroidered patches with adhesive iron-on backing that can be applied to fabrics using the heat from an iron. They’re also as sturdy as their sew-on counterparts are.

Where to Get Them?

Spice up any outfit with a customized patch made by Patches4Less. Their easy ordering system, affordable prices and beautiful finished patches will surely make any shirt or jacket head-turning and fun.

The Callaway Golf Company

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Callaway Golf is a California-based company that constructs and manufactures golf accessories, golf equipment, and other related products. They market and sell their goods in over 70 countries across the globe, making them the largest golf club maker in the world.

Golf-ClubsThe company trades its goods through various sporting goods and golf retailers, as well as through online shops, mass merchants, and trade-in and pre-owned services. It licenses its brand name, service marks and trademarks for golf related products such as golf shoes, golf apparel, golf bags, watches, headwear, practice aids, travel gear, and rangefinders. The company also markets products under Strata, Ben Hogan, and Odyssey brands.

The Company’s History

Callaway Golf was established by Ely Callaway Jr., former president of the textile company Burlington Industries. He grew up in Lagrange, Georgia and was an Emory University graduate. Callaway ventured in the textile business and became successful, but his fondness of golf was unswerving. At games, he would use golf clubs, which were made of steel-cored hickory shafts, created by the Hickory Sticks. During those days, the owners of the Hickory Sticks were Tony Manzoni, Dick Dela Cruz and Richard Parente. They sought investors and came up to Callaway when Hickory Sticks began to run low on finances. At that time, Callaway had just earned $9 million from selling his vineyards then purchased half of the Hickory Sticks in 1982. Shortly, the company’s name was changed to Callaway Hickory Sticks USA.

Callaway bought out the remaining half of the company in 1984 and eventually became the president. The company was relocated to Carlsbad, CA where he would sell golf clubs via his car. In 1988, he changed the company’s name to Callaway Golf, by which we know it today.

In 1985, Callaway hired head of sales Bruce Parker, who then became the Chief Merchant. Through Parker’s tenure with the company as head of sales, Callaway’s sales grew dramatically. The following year, Richard Helmstetter, who was a designer of billiard cues, joined the company as a consultant. He subsequently became the chief designer of golf clubs and developed computer-operated manufacturing machines in the market. With the assistance of Helmstetter and the master toolmaker Glenn Schmidt, the company successfully developed the Big Bertha using a 190cc steel club head. Big Bertha eventually expanded to 290cc in 1997.

In February 1992, the company went public, with a $250-million market capitalization, on the New York Stock Exchange. Towards the end of the year 1997, their market capitalization reached over $3 billion.


The company’s engineers, who were recruited from Boeing and Dupont, employed aerodynamic computer software to evaluate over 300 dimple designs and over 1,000 variants of boundary layers, cover materials and ball cores to produce the Rule 35 golf ball. Callaway Golf engineers constructed only 2 models of Rule 35, in an attempt to create a full-performance golf ball instead of separate balls designed for distance, durability, spin, and control. Callaway officially introduced the Rule 35 balls (models Red and Blue) in 2000. Each ball from the Rule 35 series has an exceptional synergy of all the essential properties—feel, spin, control, durability, and distance. This eliminates guesswork and confusion in determining the right golf ball for each player.

Ely Callaway quitted his positions in 1996 and Donald Dye took over as the company’s CEO and President. Callaway returned 2 years after and reassumed his positions but passed away in 2001 due to cancer. Ron Drapeau assumed his positions from that point.

In 1997, Callaway acquired Odyssey Sports, which expanded the company’s putter line. This event eventually led to the advent of the Odyssey White Hot line of putters in 2000.
In November, 2004, Patrice Hutin resigned as President and COO, and William Baker assumed his positions.

Presently, Callaway has exclusive endorsement contracts with several professional golfers and continues to be one of the leading golf companies worldwide. The company also has commercial affiliations with celebrities and sports legends, including Justin Timber lake, Annika Sorenstam, and Arnold Palmer.

Callaway Golf Equipment from RockBottomGolf

Callaway-GolfFor more than 3 decades, Callaway has been a trusted name in the golf industry, with famous celebrities and athletes under its umbrella. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or have a name in the sports, golf supplies from Callaway will definitely help you improve your performance on the green and hit the mark every time. For this reason, RockBottomGolf is proud to carry the Callaway brand and deliver genuine goods of the highest caliber. If you’re searching for the best golf equipment around, look no further and browse RockBottomGolf’s website to find out more.

Every variation of Callaway golf is outlined with the best and astounding materials to take into account any kind of golfers.

5 Ways To Promote Yourself The Way

We, at, have dozens of priceless tips on how to promote yourself as a motivational speaker. Five unexpected tips standout, nonetheless, because of their effectiveness.

1. Give a free demo

A fledgling motivational speaker is usually not invited to events. Who would want to hire a virtually unknown speaker anyway?

Good-SpeakersHowever, how can you establish your name in the industry if you won’t be given the chance to open your mouth in front of an audience very often? Do not expect to have many invitations in mailbox out of nowhere. You have to promote yourself first, and that is not limited to offering your service for free. Many speakers even pay to have a slot in events because the connections they can get there are priceless.

Look for event producers and organizers as well as companies that usually hold seminars and conferences for their employees. Send your resume, certifications, sample of speech (preferably published), and video resume with a video or audio recording of your actual delivery. Give compelling reasons why your expertise is needed at no cost at all.

Sometimes, organizers also look for volunteer motivational speakers and announce it on broadsheets and in the social media. Grab the chance with or without a fee. What’s important are the exposure that you will get and the connections that you can make.

2. Join Speakers Bureau and other similar organizations

There are specific organizations whose primary function is to create a network for various motivational speakers. The members can take advantage of this connection to learn from each other’s experiences, get updated about the latest practices in public speaking, be referred to clients, event organizers, and sponsors, and make their line of specializations known to other people for better exposure.

Such organizations also commonly offer special training and lectures to help you improve your skills. Sometimes, the lecturers introduce their outstanding student members to other more established speakers and prolific event producers. Either way, you will gain a big advantage by being a member of your local Speakers Bureau, Toastmasters International, and other similar organizations.

3. Create your website and open a fan page in frequented social media sites

Having your own website and fan page is a business necessity nowadays. Trust us, that is exactly what we do here in As a motivational speaker who sells his services, it is important that potential clients and followers be led to you by all means possible. The easiest way to do that is to attract them from where they stay very often—the cyberspace.

More people go online that attend seminars and conferences. By showing how you can make a difference in people’s lives through blog posts, updates, and other multimedia presentations, you make people want to know you more and watch you live. Unlimited number of people sharing their interest in you in social media sites also helps you in establishing a name across different places and beyond racial differences and social classes.

If digital marketing is not your thing, you better hire an expert who can draw traffic to your website, have it constantly updated, and manage your social media accounts in real time.

4. Produce and release podcasts

Guest-SpeakersWe cannot emphasize the importance of podcasts enough here in While some people say that it is already a thing in the past, do you know that professionals and businessmen, company executives included, prefer to listen to podcasts than read on websites? Podcasts are more convenient and more straightforward.

You may feel that these types of people are not exactly your target audience. However, they are the ones who would travel and pay just to watch a good motivational speaker. Likewise, they are authorities who can influence other people, which you can use to your advantage.

5. Publish eBooks and contribute to blogs

Almost all established motivational speakers nowadays are already in the publishing business as well as far as is concerned. They publish books while some regularly contribute to magazines and newspapers. People who find sense in your speech and style will always want to have a piece of you every day. Once you have established a steady league of followers, you can consider venturing to traditional publishing. Some motivational speakers, such as the late Zig Ziglar and Jack Can field, both earned more from their books than from their speaking engagements.

Helpful Tips to Boost Your Skills as an Article Writer

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Your decision to venture into online writing is not without merit. Nowadays, you can earn a decent income from gigs as an article writer. But how will you stand out from others who have the same idea in mind?

Writing for the World Wide Web can be a bit tricky and requires a certain skillset. To keep working, you need to stay at the top of your game. Hence, honing your skills is a must lest you lose out to other writers.

Essential Qualities of Article Writers

  • You enjoy the written word. If you have a true passion for writing, it will extend to what you write. It adds a certain flair that readers enjoy and appreciate. Being passionate about writing also comes in handy when you need to write five more articles after finishing five already.
  • bordYou should have discipline. Like any job, you need to be responsible and prompt with your submissions. If you lack the discipline to see through a project then you will easily lose a profitable contract. Timely delivery of your deliverables ensures continued work and if you are lucky, your promptness will lead to more work.
  • You need to be a professional. Even if you work as an article writer on a part-time basis, adapting a professional attitude is still needed. This mindset will also help set you apart from others in this field. Thinking of yourself as a professional writer means that you value what you put out. As a result, you are not satisfied with just submitting a mediocre assignment. You take the time to proofread and edit what you did to make sure it passes your strict quality control.
  • You must be open to feedback. Even with an arsenal of vocabulary and knowledge of language rules, it is sometimes no guarantee of flawless work. Even the most conscientious article writer can make a mistake on occasion as you are not perfect. A true writer is open to feedback and will take into account criticism that is intended to improve their writing.

How Article Writers can Find Work

Relevant and up-to-date content is the lifeblood for websites. Hence, opportunities to work as an article writer are plentiful since many websites require a continuous update of their content.

To secure work, it is important to set up an online profile that you will use to market your skills. In addition to your current resume, you will need to provide writing samples for potential employers to check out.

 For newbies who do not have samples of their work, getting hired may be difficult though it is not impossible. In some cases, employers who do not have a large budget for outsourcing writing jobs look to first-time writers.

If you are a new writer, expect to write a sample article which the employer will use to assess your skills.

Networking is another way to find jobs as an article writer. With persistence and good connections, you can get in touch with the right people who need the service you provide. Touching base with people you know with can also lead to valuable referrals that turn to writing contracts.

Article directories often get the bad rap as a repository for poor content. But it can be a good practice ground for article writers to publish their works for free. Every so often, employers look to article directories in order to find potential writers they can hire.

When posting to articles directories, make sure to include your profile and contact information. In this way, interested employers can get in touch with you directly to inquire about your service.

If you receive inquiries and eventually settle on a contract, take care to extend the same professional regard to everyone. Your professionalism and exceptional quality of work may lead to more article writer jobs in the future.